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Create the Vision

Achieving the desired end result of what a client has envisioned is always the mission. I've worked in all aspects of producing audio in music, radio, podcasts, TV, and Film

Travis Sutherland.jpg

Travis Sutherland, CEO - UtopiAfest

An utmost professional, with exquisite taste, precise ear, and an easy demeanor.



Travis goes above and beyond expectations with great attention to detail and production choices!

danny mathews.jpg

Danny Mathews, Pro Musician

TK is a rockstar engineer. He has a great, balanced ear and works with artists that share a similar care for their sound. Highly endorse!!

Knowing what you need

It's important in achieving great results to get to a full understanding of my clients needs.  Pre - Production meetings and demo recordings are highly encouraged as the first step to success.  Only with Pre - Production can I fully understand the time frame and scope of any producing project

Take the Time

It's imperative to any producing project I take on, that time is taken into consideration.  It's paramount to be completely prepared before I ever take a client into a recording situation.  Let's face it, time is money, and the more prepared we can be, the more money and time I can save my clients.  Working out in detail all the creative and technical aspects of any production will yield a stress free and creative environment.

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