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Keep on Trackin!

I love the creative and technical aspects of all types of tracking.  It's very important to me to get the sounds right at the source, rather than having a fix it in the mix mentality.  I'm well versed on a variety of consoles including SSL, Neve, API, and Neotek large format consoles.  I'm also very familiar with hybrid, analogue and digital tracking setups.  I've been chief engineer on sessions that range from 1- 48 simultaneous recording channels and large amounts of headphone mixes.   



Travis Kennedy Sound 

Perfect for recording anything in an Iso Booth environment, even drums if you want a super tight sounding kit. I do a large amount of overdub and Voice over work here

Vintage Mic
Mixer Keys

Church House Studio

A converted church with an amazing sounding live room and 3 Iso Booths for separation.  Vintage Neve Console with tons of vintage microphones and outboard gear

Studio 1916

Antique victorian style house converted and professional acoustically treated.  Amazing sounding live room, with original hard wood floors and high ceilings.  A large comfortable control room, and great Iso Booth.  Boasts a large variety of vintage and boutique guitars, amps, keys, and pedals.  Track to tape on a custom 24 track 2" Mara.

Vinyl Player

Orb Studios

Perfect for higher profile clients.  Built from ground up studio by acoustician Mark Genfan.  Hosts 2 studios, with A room consisting of a SSL console in a spacious control room, huge main live room, and 3 large iso booths.  Access to a ton of modern and vintage outboard gear, microphones, and instruments.

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