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Travis Kennedy

After receiving 2 degrees in Audio Engineering and production Travis began his professional career at Electric Lady Studios in NYC where he worked along side Grammy award winning producers engineers and artists (Eddie Kramer- Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Russ Elevado-D'Angelo, Alecia Keys, The Roots, Jamie Candiloro - REM, Ryan Adams, David Beneath-Breaking Benjamin, Paramore . After his stay at Electric Lady, Travis moved to Austin, TX where he became a personal mix assistant to the legendary mixer/producer Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam Ten, U2, David Bowie, Robert Plant, Jason Mraz).  Travis has worked with major labels as well as independent local Austin artists and is currently mixing out of his personal mixing suite.  When he takes on a project to produce and record, he'll choose a variety of studios around Austin to get the best fit for the artists vision and budget.